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    Read "This Lullaby" by Sarah Dessen available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. A New York Times bestseller She's got it all. Editorial Reviews. Review. "I had no illusions about love It came, it went, it left This Lullaby eBook: Sarah Dessen: Kindle Store. This lullaby [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Sarah Dessen. Main Author: Dessen, Sarah. Processing (CPL) - eBooks (EPUB) - Young Adult Fiction.

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    This Lullaby Sarah Dessen Ebook

    Main Author: Dessen, Sarah. Corporate Author: OverDrive Inc. Published: New York: Penguin, Subjects: Interpersonal relations > Juvenile fiction. Compre This Lullaby (English Edition) de Sarah Dessen na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. This Lullaby (English Edition) e mais milhares de eBooks estão disponíveis na Loja Kindle. Saiba mais This Lullaby (Inglês). por Sarah Dessen (Autor).

    With its deceptively simple summer romance plot, this book documents adolescent life with perception and acuity…sure to become another favorite of high school readers. So that, in one sentence, is how my publisher sums up This Lullaby, my new novel. The above sentence is much, much better. Trust me. There are few things I can tell you about this book. Most of my other narrators are quieter, more introspective types: they hang back watching everything, processing it, and reporting on the drama of their showier, more outgoing friends. I was kind of struggling with my writing last winter and one of my friends, trying to help, said something about how maybe I should try something different. Maybe you should write from that point of view, just for a change. So I sat down, tossed up one of those Oh Well looks that always precedes a novel, and out came Remy. Just like that, I could see her. Hear her. She was kind of bitchy, kind of cold, and was sure she had everything figured out. This Lullaby is also, essentially, a love story.

    Hear her. She was kind of bitchy, kind of cold, and was sure she had everything figured out. This Lullaby is also, essentially, a love story. Dreamland, my last book, had been so heavy, so emotional. I was ready for something a little lighter, but that still had something to say.

    Basically, this is a story about faith. Faith in love bear with me here and just faith in general. But what she learns—what we all learn, eventually—is that the living is in the leaping. The main character just wasn't very self-aware. When I started reading Dreamland, I felt like it was going to be a book I struggled to finish. I just couldn't get connected to Caitlin and I felt like I was reading from a distance instead of being right there.

    This Lullaby eBook: Sarah Dessen: Kindle Store

    About halfway through, that changed. Caitlin has always lived in the shadow of her older sister, Cass. So when Cass leaves one night without warning, Caitlin feels like it is her responsibility to step up and fill in that "perfect child" role. At the same time, she doesn't want to be Cass. She doesn't want to have to be perfect. She's confused and doesn't know which way to go. Her confusion ends up leading her down the wrong road, sending her life spiraling down a hole she never thought she'd end up in.

    In the attempt to step out of her sister's shadow, she falls into Rogerson's. The relationship between these two is heartbreaking, horrific, and realistic. Caitlin's confusion over how she feels about Rogerson is what makes it all worse because I can understand her thinking. Reading about her struggles made my heart ache for her. He met her when she was already down and only brought her lower. I think the reasons I didn't find myself completely loving this book are because of that initial disconnect between me and Caitlin, as well as how blind those closest to Caitlin were.

    Out of everyone that knew and loved her, not one took enough notice of her downward spiral. I understand why it was done that way, but I still wish one of them had shown something more. Dreamland is a quick read, but a powerful one. It shows that sometimes the weak are actually the strongest and that what we see on the outside my only be an illusion.

    Charismatic and dangerous, Rogerson seems to be the perfect distraction from the confusion at home but soon Caitlin finds her life careening out of control. Although I never read much YA, even in my teen years, there are certain YA authors that I just love and cannot pass up on one of their books. Sarah Dessen is at the top of that list and I have never passed up an opportunity to read one of her books.

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    Dreamland gave me the hardest punch of all her books to date. It was a violent book. There is no way to describe it any other way.

    This Lullaby

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