Use Adobe Reader to view these PDF files. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader here. Title Manual Revision Download Size K2 Manual K2 Manual for K2s with Serial. If you don't have a PDF viewer, follow this link to download a free Adobe PDF viewer. K2 Owner's Manual Errata, K2 Owner's Operation Manual Errata, Rev I- 8. Assembly of the KPA is covered in Appendix G, a separate manual supplied with the. KPA kit. You can customize your K2 by choosing from a wide range .

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    Elecraft K2 Manual Pdf

    View and Download ELECRAFT K2 owner's manual online. K2 Transceiver pdf manual download. View and Download ELECRAFT K2 owner's manual online. Meter SSB/ CW Transceiver. K2 Transceiver pdf manual download. Compiled by Sverre Holm, LA3ZA, from manual pages of shown in the RESET position in schematics. 80m. K2, K3. = On bottom of PC board.

    The XV Series provides important benefits for the operator in both receive and transmit modes. On receive, the transverters combine a low receive noise figure typically 0. Reliable overload detection is included at the IF port to protect the mixer. On transmit, the XV's watts output will drive most high power linear amplifiers. A sequenced keying output is provided for external amplifiers, and a built-in wattmeter using a segment LED bargraph provides fast power output monitoring. Provision is also made for an optional crystal oven to enhance frequency stability. Single-port and dual-port IF connections allow use with almost any transceiver. Multiple transverters can be easily daisy chained to a single IF transceiver, providing multi-band operation without cable rearrangement. A brightly illuminated label clearly identifies which transverter is selected. UHF and N connectors also available from our parts group if you wish to change them.

    RFC7 along with C is a series tuned circuit to drain off any residual IF signal kHz at the output side of the bandpass filter, so it must be a proper value. You can just remove it for now until you can get a proper replacement. The value for RFC7 is 15 uH.

    The elecraft k2 hands on ham radio

    The only other way is to simply check everything because there are many potential causes for no transmit - it is much easier to try to isolate it to a particular stage. You could try the DC voltage checks first to be certain you have power to each of the transmit stages. The drain voltage in Q24 is normal for a K2 that is not producing adequate power output - the drain voltage is how the K2 controls the power output it changes the BFO injection level , and your K2 is trying to drive harder to produce power output.

    So bottom line - you have something broken in the transmitter chain - dig out the RF probe and do the RF voltage measurements so it can be isolated to a particular stage.

    It will be re-installed again in a later step for phase I alignment and test. This includes the installation and configuration of P1.

    Insert the shorter pins tails into the board. After soldering one pin, ensure P1 is mounted flush. Take your time soldering the remaining pins of P1, being careful to avoid touching and damaging nearby switch S6 with your iron. Do this now!

    ELECRAFT K2 Owner's Manual

    Now go back and resume assembly at the bottom of page Instead, be sure use the special 5mm 0. Installation of this alternate value for C71 and diodes D19 and D20 on page 50 are inseparable, if you install a pF cap at C71, then you must also install D19 and D C75 is on the left edge of the board near K C13 and C14 are in the band-pass filter, near L3 and L4. Tap M E N U twice to exit. You must keep this change permanently!

    Factory reset will undo it, so you must change it back to Y if you ever do a reset! Switch to the band and frequency that had the highest or lowest voltage, then adjust L30 to bring that reading into range. Then re-measure all of the voltages to make sure they're in range. Another possibility is that T5 has the wrong number of turns or that you installed the wrong type of slug-tuned inductor at L All of these components are on the top side of the board.

    Note: P6 and P3 will be installed on the next page.

    Elecraft K2 Transceiver

    The remaining parts will not be installed. See note 1. See note 2. These are shown in bold blue font. These include one cap, one resistor, and five option bypass jumpers. If you are building a current model serial number or greater K2, you can ignore the rest of this page. Please also ignore all of the annotations in italic font including those in red italic font in the following schematics. Preparations First of all I needed a dedicated space so I put an extra table in the shack it was easier to put an extra table than to clean up the mess on the other ones… I invested in a good temperature-controlled soldering station and a magnifier lamp.

    All other small tools were already somewhere in my shack, so I only had to gather them and put them in a few drawers so I could find them easily when needed.

    Finding solder within Elecraft specs was not very easy either Radio-Shack has stopped its activities in Belgium ages ago… but thanks to a hint from Peter from QRPProject I could find something suitable.

    I also read a lot of info on different websites about constructing kits and constructing the K2 in particular. Apart from the site of Elecraft itself these were also pretty helpful: www. Elecraft list archive I downloaded all the files and imported them in Thunderbird so it was far easier for me to search in these archives than through the web interface. Construction of the basic kit First impressions When opening the package I was pretty overwhelmed, wow, this is a BIG project for me yes the doubts began to rise again..

    But, I also noticed the professional way everything was packaged in a few dozen different bags according to the use and type of components. As you certainly noticed on the website here, English is not my mother tongue but the manual seems clear enough for me to be able to finish this project.

    Inventory The complete inventory took me a little less than 4 hours, but being a not so experienced builder, it helped me to get familiar with the different parts.

    This is also where I made my first mistake… I should have sorted all parts during the inventory instead of putting them back in the small bags they came in. This would have spared me a lot of time later on during the construction.

    If I counted correctly there are parts in the basic K2 kit! And, not one part was missing! Control Board assembly After sorting the components yes I should have done that during the inventory… I got started.

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